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FOP Legal Defense Plan

For the law enforcement professional, duty-related legal defense protection is a necessity as the frequency and cost of allegations against peace officers continue to rise. The FOP Legal Defense Plan, Inc. offers you a very affordable and comprehensive coverage plan.

The Fraternal Order of Police Legal Defense Plan, Inc. was created by the National FOP to administer the FOP Legal Defense Plan, Inc. This program is designed specifically to cover the law enforcement exposures faced by members of the FOP Legal Defense Plan, Inc. by paying legal defense costs on behalf of participating members for the following actions and proceedings:

» Coverage A – Administrative (includes Administrative Off-Duty)

» Coverage B – Civil

» Coverage C – Criminal

The FOP Legal Defense Plan was created and is governed by the National FOP. It is a self-funded plan available to FOP members. The plan offers coverage for administrative, civil, and criminal proceedings against plan participants. 

FOP Legal Deefense Plan

Visit the FOP Legal Defense website at www.foplegal.com

Questions about Legal Defense coverage?  All correspondence should be directed to KC Canterbury at  scfoplegaldefense@gmail.com.

To Join:  https://form.jotform.com/210056450087146

Featured Benefits

» FOP Owned and Operated since 1995

» Governed by the FOP Board of Trustees

» Right to choose your own defense attorney(s)

» Coverage for:

  • Administrative disciplinary proceedings (including on-duty and off-duty conduct)
  • Civil lawsuits (duty-related conduct)
  • Criminal investigations, grand jury proceedings, and prosecutions (duty-related conduct)

» Career, Personal and Asset Protection

» Expert claims and enrollment administration dedicated to the Plan

» HR-218 Coverage

» Defended thousands of cases and spent tens of millions of dollars in legal fees on behalf of participating members

Individual Rates (Annual)

Full Coverage – Administrative, Criminal, and Civil coverage – $223.00

FOP Legal Defense Plan, Inc. Full Coverage Application (requires Acrobat Reader)

Dual Coverage – Civil and Criminal coverage together – $68.00

FOP Legal Defense Plan, Inc. Dual Coverage Application (requires Acrobat Reader)


The FOP Legal Defense Plan offers Retired Law Enforcement Officers Concealed Carry Coverage (CCC) and is made available only to retired law enforcement officers who retire from a public agency, and, among other things, had powers of arrest while employed, retired in good standing after a minimum of 10 years of service (or have a duty disability), and are legally carrying a concealed firearm at the time of the incident giving rise to any claim. The CCC Plan offers Unlimited Legal Defense for civil and criminal claims associated with the legal carrying and/or use of a concealed weapon: all reasonable and necessary Legal Defense Costs are covered in full when using a Plan Attorney.

In order to be eligible, retired law enforcement officers must be legally carrying a concealed firearm within their state under the state’s qualifications or meet all of the requirements set forth in LEOSA or carrying such firearm in one’s own home or vehicle. Coverage does not include claims related specifically to the open carrying of firearms. The annual cost is $75. If you are an active officer covered by the FOP Legal Defense Plan, similar coverage is already automatically included. Retired officers are not eligible for participation in the FOP Legal Defense Plan, and therefore would need to purchase Retired Law Enforcement Officers Concealed Carry Coverage separately from the FOP Legal Defense Plan.  More details can be found at foplegal.com.

Download the coverage booklet

Retired Law Enforcement Concealed Carry Coverage Application  (requires Acrobat Reader)

Only Lodge members are entitled to enroll in the Legal Defense Plan.

TO JOIN LEGAL DEFENSE,  COMPLETE  AND SUBMIT THIS FORM:   https://form.jotform.com/210056450087146

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